The sexier you are, the more customers you’ll get

Instead of only displaying boring pictures showcasing her products on her website, a Vietnamese online shop owner has recently found a new way to get customers to her shop by showing how beautiful she is.

20-year-old girl Tran Le Minh Thao has recently become a local Internet sensation after a video featuring her introducing some cosmetic products sold at her online shop posted and spread at a speed of light on the Internet via social networks.

Not mentioning the quality of her goods, which are mainly beauty care products, the young girl has been praised for her gentle beauty and sexy curves.

Nearly 300,000 YouTube users so far have flocked to her channel on the video-sharing site to see her video.

The clip has so far received 700 likes and numerous compliments.

Despite some rude comments on her beauty, as well as opinions expressing doubt about how good her products are, Thao’s Facebook page has also become a magnet which has attracted more than 16,000 netizens flocking to keep in touch with the pretty shop owner.

As a result, a lot of orders for Thao’s goods have been made in a short time.

Besides complimenting the young girl for her beauty, a large number of netizens admitted that this is a good way to promote products and attract customers.




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