When should you visit Lai Chau?

The ideal time to visit Lai Chau is from September to April.

Lai Chau lies on high mountainous region in the North West of Vietnam, northern of Da River.

There are sloping mountains, hill, valley, plateau, spring alternately.

Falls and waterfalls with high flow are potential of hydroelectricity in Lai Chau.

Some attractions in Lai Chau include Tam Duong Townlet with Montagnards, Sin Ho Village with colorful Sunday Market,  and other tourist sites such as: Tien Son Cave and Muong Lai Spring.

The road from Lai Chau to Sapa is one of the most beautiful drives in Vietnam but it is very lumpy.

Also, it can suffer severe damage during the rainy season.

Lai Chau has the typical tropical climate with two seasons:

Dry and rainy season.

Rainy season lasts from May to September with much rain, high temperature and humidity.

If you travel to Lai Chau in June, July, August of lunar calendar, be prepared that you trip might be interrupt due to hard rain.

It is because 80% the rainfall of the year is allocated within these months.

The average temperature in rainy season ranges from 25 – 35oC.

Dry and cold season begins from November to March of the following year.

This season features with cold weather and low humidity.

The temperature falls low during these months with the lowest temperature of 4-5oC and thick mist, dry and cold wind, and frost.

Between April and October is the transition period from rainy season to dry season.

During these months, there is great difference between temperature between day and at night.

Maybe, temperature in the afternoon reaches 38oC and falls down to 18-20oC.

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