Lettuce dress for animal protection

A young woman in the Central Highlands city of Da Lat has recently attracted the attention of local residents as well as visitors to the city’s Hoa Binh area to her special dress, which is made from lettuce.

It was a cold morning the highlands city when Pham Trieu Chinh, wearing her 7kg vegetable dress, stood with her friends at Da Lat’s market and handed out free vegetables for to travelers after sending them a message of “Let’s eat vegetables and stop killing animals.”

“Stories on the internet drove me to this.

I’ve seen people killing monkeys, elephants and other animals every day.

I want to do something small that can raise people’s awareness on animal protection,” Chinh said.

The special dress took the young woman, who is a member of the Da Lat University Faculty of Literature and Cultural Studies, 11 hours of hard work to complete.

After coming up with the idea, she visited with owners of local vegetable gardens and asked for donations after explaining her meaningful plan.

As a result she received 50kg of vegetables to hand out to people for free.

The 24-year-old woman has many other ideas as well.

“I also want to hold a campaign to call on Da Lat’s farmers to grow fresh vegetables so that customers will believe in their safety and eat more vegetables, as well as to promote the city’s image on fresh vegetables,” she added.

 Source: Tuoitre Online

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