The dark Vietnam knight rises, complete with Batpod

A young man in northern Vietnam is seen on a recent YouTube clip riding a replica of the Batman’s motorcycle or the Batcycle, causing a stir among fans of the superhero series.

But is he a hero or a traffic violator?

In the video, the man whose name netizens claim is Lam, rides the apparently self-made motorbike fitted with car tires and scrap metal on a small street thought to be in the northern province of Lang Son.

But this ‘superman’ is not wearing a helmet.

According to regulations, such violation will be subject to fines of VND 100,000 to VND200,000 (US$5 – US$10).

The motorbike is modeled after the Batcycle or Batpod, the fictional personal bike of the comic book super hero Batman.

After around 10 days posted on YouTube, the clip has received more than 370,000 views with over 1,000 likes from users of the video sharing site.

The ‘Vietnamese batman’ has also been praised by many netizens for his creativity in making the vehicle which has also drawn attention of some foreign websites.

The Autoevolution even wonders if Selina Kyle, the main male character in the latest sequel of Batnam movie series “The Dark Knight Rises,” could ride this Vietnamese version of batpod.

However, there are also oppositions from people who said riding such a rudimentary vehicle at high speed can cause accidents.

Below are some photos featuring the Vietnamese batpod from VNExpress:









Source: Tuoitrenews


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