A Vietnamese school in Poland’s capital

Overseas Vietnamese always strive to preserve their mother tongue and culture no matter where they are living.

Those residing in Warsaw, Poland’s capital, are no exception as during the last five years the Viet community there has been teaching their children Vietnamese and more.

Lac Long Quan Vietnamese School located at number 17 Majewskiego Street was founded in 2007 in order to teach the language to Vietnamese children and provide Vietnamese adults working and living there an opportunity to practice speaking their own language.

Open from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm every Saturday, the school not only offers Vietnamese language courses but also educates its students on Vietnamese arts, history, geography, culture, and customs.

In addition, the school frequently hosts festivals and other important events on special occasions like Vietnamese Tet, often falling late January or early February, to remind the students of their origin and cultivate in them a feeling of attachment to their homeland.

Le Xuan Lam, Lac Long Quan co-founder and principal, said that the school puts an emphasis on listening skills so that the students can communicate well with their families in daily conversations.

“We merely charge a modest tuition so as to pay for the school’s operations.”

Lac Long Quan, according to local legend, is the father of the Vietnamese people, and their first true king.

His wife, Au Co, gave birth to a pouch containing 100 eggs from which 100 children were born, who are believed to be ancestors of the current Vietnamese people.

The following photos were taken by Tuoi Tre:


Le Hoang Lan Anh, a Vietnamese teacher, is guiding her little students to sing and play the organ.


Kasia (second right), the Polish mother of Vietnamese Pole Phillip Trung, takes her son to a class of teacher Ngoc Tram (middle).

Kasia is learning Vietnamese with her son as well.


A chalk box with a Vietnamese national flag drawn on the inside of its cover.


Tran Gia Linh, a 5-year-old student, is eager for her class.


A schoolgirl stands in front of a board displaying instructions for a Vietnamese test.


Two boys play soccer during break time.


Mothers pick up their children after school. Lac Long Quan Vietnamese School is now attended by about 150 students aged 5 to 14.

 Source: Tuoi Tre Online


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