Vietnamese love potions sold online

“A husband goes about with a young girl and neglected his family, resulted in family tragedy, but with only one love potion, he will break up with his girlfriend to return home with his wife.”

The introduction of ‘love potions’ on a popular social network in Vietnam has stirred up the online community.

A female reporter has investigated to find out the ‘real value’ of the ‘love potions.’:

Playing a pitiful woman who was forsaken by her husband, who attempted to divorce because he had extra material relations with a young girl, I called a love portion seller.

Talking to me on the phone was a man of around 30 years old.

After hearing my grievous story, the man began giving advice with a low voice:

“Firstly, you should use your love, your gentle caring to induce him back to you.

If you cannot take him back by sentiment, my love portion can help.”

“This love potion is created by a San Diu woman (San Diu is an ethnic minority group in northern mountainous provinces).

She is the only and very experienced in making love potions.

Many local families have revived their happiness after using her love potions,” he continued.

The man said the price of one love potion is VND1 million ($50).

The love potion would make a man to follow and love the woman who uses the potion until the end of her life, no matter who she is.

He added that he did not sell love potions to single people, because of humanitarian reasons.

Buyers have to show off their marriage certificates.

Using love potion to command husbands?

The man instructed:

“You only need to put this potion in food or drink of your husband, but remember to not tell him about it.

Your husband will abandon his paramour to return home.

He will love you very much, even more than the time when he just fell in love with you”.

According to the him, after using the love potion, the woman can command her husband.

For example, when the husband is about to leave home, if the wife tells him to stay at home, he will.

“This amulet will work the same way if a husband buys it for his wife, in case his wife has extramarital relations,” he said.

Showing my extreme belief in this love potion, I told the seller that I wanted to buy it as soon as possible because my family needed to be cured urgently.

The man said he was in Quang Ninh so he needed one week to take the love potion from the San Diu woman and brought it to Hanoi for me.

However, only two days after the call, he phoned me and asked to meet to give the love potion.

How to use?

At 9pm, I went to a coffee shop on Le Thanh Nghi Street to see the love potion seller.

The man was there already.

After exchanging greetings, he showed his ID card, named Nguyen Van Hung, and a small plastic bag.

There was grey powder in the bag, which he called “love potion.”

“This powder is tasteless so it is easy to use.

You should put it in a cup of coffee and nobody can recognize it.

However, it must be mixed with cool water or cold food, otherwise it will not work,” he added.

He added that after the husband takes love potion, the wife has to roast her husband’s dirty underwear for seven consecutive days.

However, the wife has to be very carefully to keep the underwear from being burnt and she must do this task when her husband is absent from home.

After seven days, the love potion will start working.

The husband will say goodbye to his paramour and fall in love again with his wife.

In addition, the wife can command her husband, particularly telling him to stay at home.

The man said that the love potion is VND1 million/dose but he would receive only VND200,000 ($10) and I could send him the remaining if it works.

During the talk, the man received several calls from other customers.

He turned on his phone loudspeaker to prove the interest of others in his product.

He said since he posted advertisement of love potions on the Internet, hundred people from many provinces called him to buy this product.

“I’m sure that you have heard about love potions of ethnic minority people.

In the past love potions were used internally in mountain hamlets but now I commercialize it.

I buy them from the maker and sell them to couples,” he said.

The man emphasized that though using love potion, the wife still has to behave her husband gently.

The more she loves and cares for him, the more she has him in her arms.

Before leaving the coffee shop, he gave me his phone number and his bank account number, saying that if I needs more love potion, I can call him and transfer money to his account, love potion will be delivered to my door.


Source: VietnamNet

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