Photo of tattooed tourist feeding poor goes viral

The large tattoo blanketing the foreigner’s left forearm has especially captivated online commenters, who contrasted the body art with the charitable act.

“The tattoo doesn’t reflect his characteristics.

Do not ever let someone’s appearance deceive you,”

One commenter said.

The photo was originally posed in the Facebook group:

“Sống chậm lại, nghĩ khác đi, yêu thương hơnn”

(“Live slowly, think different, love more”).

It inspired many to reconsider their daily actions, which often neglect the poor seen on the street.

As citizens fret about bag snatching, looting, and hit and runs, the foreigner’s philanthropy was regarded as a rare and strange sight.

But some group members cast suspicion on the photo, whose origin is unknown.

They said the tourist, who knelt down to the beggar sitting on the street, just wanted to pose for a photo or tease the stranger with food.

Most commenters, however, rejected the naysayers and said the photo restored their faith in good deeds.

 Source: Tuoi Tre Online


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