Confessions of Vietnamese model caught in sex ring

After Hồng Hà, a Vietnamese model and actress, was caught in a sex ring bust by Hanoi police on Thursday, reporters got a chance to talk to her and her friend at the police station.

“Will my commercial clips be removed?”

Hồng Hà asked with swollen eyes, caused by overnight crying.

Born in Thái Bình, 23-year old Hà Thị Hồng (stage name Hồng Hà) lost her mother at ninth grade and had to earn a living by herself.

She participated in a beauty pageant but came home empty-handed.

“They all bought the prizes so I got none,” she said.

Ha said she had starred in four movies Ai (Who), Giấc mơ biển (Sea dream), Một thời ta dưới bóng (A time when we chase shadows) and Pha Lê không dễ vở (Crystal is not fragile) all directed by Trương Hùng.

Hồng Hà said she was paid VND10 million (US$500) for each film and VND1 million ($50) for a photo session.

She rarely attends events or fashion shows.

“Probably the news about me is all over the internet?” she asked a reporter.

Four years after moving to Ho Chi Minh City, she recently settled down and got a stable position in her career.

This time, she went to Hanoi to visit relatives and was contacted by 26-year old Nguyễn Trung Kiên, a pimp who she got to know for a few months through a friend.

She agreed to go to a hotel with a customer for a price said to be at around $1,000-1,500.

When police inspected a hotel on Sơn Tây Street, Hanoi’s Ba Đình district on Thursday, they discovered two couples engaging in sex in two hotel rooms. Hồng Hà is one of them.

“I simply thought I was just hanging out with a customer and could earn that much money so there’s no point in not doing it.

I did not anticipate being caught red-handed like this,” confessed Hà.

After being questioned by police, Hà was allowed to go home.

Together with Hà, Trần Hồng Trang (23) hailing from Tu Liem, Hanoi, was also questioned at the police station.

Although not having a model body like Ha, Trang possesses a pretty face and a dazzling smile.

Trang said she and the pimp Kiê have been close friends for years.

Every time Kiên finds a generous customer, he would call her up to arrange the flesh trade.

“My mother has known this but I haven’t met her,” Trang said.

As the reporter talked to Trang, Kien kept interrupting and told her not to answer any question.

Trang just smiled and obeyed.

According to initial information, Kiên founded the sex ring, which boasts 20 high-level prostitutes in 2009.

He tried to get to know models and actresses at model agencies like Elite and Venus and would wander around cafés, famous discotheques to solicit customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

He would approach rich businessmen and provide them with the girls – who are students, models, actresses and contestants in some beauty pageants.

Source: Tuoi Tre Online


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