New Book: Singapore Insights From the Inside

The Singapore International Foundation invited members of the international community to share their unique insights and personal experiences of Singapore so that more might know about Singapore and its people.

In this inaugural edition of Singapore Insights from the Inside, 31 members of the international community, ranging from students, volunteers, short term visitors, to professionals in both the non-profit and the corporate worlds, present a rich tapestry of perspectives on Singapore the cosmopolitan city-state.

These are stories about Singapore by the international community, for the international community – a smorgasbord of anecdotes on people, places and Singaporean idiosyncrasies too!

The local community will also gain insights into what Singapore is to the international community.

Written from the heart, the uninitiated will benefit from the authenticity of these narratives.

This new biennial publication is one of several initiatives by which the Singapore International Foundation promotes understanding to bridge and nurture enduring relationships between Singaporeans and world communities, harnessing friendships for a better world.

Mr Le Huu Huy, Founder and Director  of Vietnam Language Centre Singapore was asked by the Singapore International Foundation to be a contributor to this book.

It is truly an honorable pleasure to be part of this endeavour.

The book launch was held last Thursday 10 May 2012.

It is now available at major  bookstores in Singapore

Source: SIF


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