Life’s a journey of love

With huge love from his foster mother, together with the help of social organizations, Cao Hung Vy has won his life back after 21 years of struggling with cardiac disease.

A family of non-blood-related members

21 years ago, an infant was abandoned after he was born with a cardiac disease in the central province of Quang Binh.

Now, that little boy has grown up healthy thanks to Dinh Thi Thanh, a woman who has raised seven non-related kids, including Vy, despite her poor financial situation.

“People told me to leave him there since I was very poor.

But I could not think like that after seeing that weak baby, so I just brought him home”

Thanh recalled the time when she first saw Vy.

Life then got harder for the woman after her husband passed away in 2005.

During the last decade, the woman has taken care of the whole family on her own and has never stopped knocking on the doors of many places with the faith to find saviors for her unhealthy son.

“I will never have a second mother like Thanh,” he emotionally said of his foster mother.

Happy ending

Fortunately, Thanh and Vy met Robin King Austin, Chief Executive Officer of Vinacapital Foundation, who changed their life forever.

With help from the foundation’s Increasing Capacity for Pediatric and Cardiac Care program, together with The Scar of Life project launched by local celebrities, 21-year-old Cao Hung Vy has recovered after a successful surgery in February.

The touching story about Thanh’s journey to bring her son’s life back has also been adapted into a movie directed by Cuong Ngo, director of the movie honoring Vietnamese woman, ” Ngoc Vien Dong (Pearls of the Far East).

Titled “The Journey,” the movie includes local actresses Ngo Thanh Van and Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, who acted without payment.

“I know I have to do something and as a director, I thought of making a movie about the story,” Cuong said.

“I talked with actress Ngo Thanh Van and screenplay writer Nguyen Thi Nhu Khanh about the adaption,” he added.

For her part actress Van, who is also the ambassador of “The Scar of Life”, said she would try her best to help Vietnamese children suffering from cardiac disease.

“Everyone has to go through journeys in life to be successful and happy, but not all of us have to go through the journey to win life back,” she shared.

“I’m not afraid to do anything, even if I have to knock every single door in Vietnam to help the kids.

Every day, all I wish for is that there will be no more children suffering from cardiac diseases.”

“The Journey” will be screened nationwide from May 26 to June 1.

All money from tickets sales will be donated to the VinaCapital Foundation’s Heartbeat Vietnam program to help child patients afflicted with cardiac problems.

Source: Tuoi Tre


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