Things to remember when travelling in Vietnam

1. Avoid cyclo rides after dark

2. Dress modestly and appropriately when visiting local dwellings and religious sites, etc…

3. Leave your valuables behind before a night out on the town, or going to the beach.

4. When crossing the road – especially in Sai Gon and Hanoi, always keep looking to the left and right and walk slowly

5. Don’t offer money directly to minority people – in stead donate to a local charity or offer a small gift, such as pens.

6. However frustraited, don’t loose your temper (“loosing face”), as it won’t get you very far.

7. By all means, sample of the delicious street food but for hygiene’s sake only at venues that are busy with a big turnover.

8. Always ask permission first before taking photographs, especially in minority areas.

Source: Vietnam Tourism


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