Vietnam and its cultural historical tourism attraction to the tourists

The demand on discovering and exploring the culture and history is the initial factor to attract tourists to Vietnam.

Well known for the historical and cultural foundation,Vietnam is the selection of many international tourists because they love to witness the new face of this nation as well as the long-standing historical and cultural vestiges.

Ms Liliya Alexandrov, a Russian tourist said:

“Though not yet developed a strong tourism brand in the world, Vietnam is still well known for history with many wars.

This is also a strength needed to be exploited in terms of tourism.

Historical – Cultural Tourism really attracts the tourists everywhere and Vietnam really possesses this strength.”

Besides ensuring the tourism service quality, it is wonderful if Vietnam tourism creates opportunity for the tourists to access to traditional festivals, visit locations like museums, historical – cultural monuments.

Among the places of interest, Nha trang, Ponaga Temple, Long Son pagoda, Khanh Hoa museum have been paid much attention.

In addition, the tourism staff, especially the tour guides with good savvy on history and culture to introduce about the historical – cultural events and tourism areas in a vivid lively and information – adequate way contribute significantly to the efficiency and quality improvement of the cultural travel tours.

This is an important factors to enhance the attraction of the traditionally historical – cultural values, which are desired by plethora of tourists all over the world.

Source: Vietnam Tourism


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