Film school backs student’s controversial video

The faculty of the HCM University of Cinema and Theatre announced on Monday that it found nothing wrong with the content of the controversial short film “Two Bedrooms”, a film assignment by one of its students in the director department.

Since last week, the short movie by freshman Pham Trung has captured both the media and netizen’s attention for its sensitive scenes of a separated couple.

The 9-minute long film features the physical needs of a young couple, through which the psychological constraint and loneliness of young people in modern society is reflected upon.

The video had about 100,000 views on Youtube as of March 9.

However some of its steamiest parts, including long scenes of masturbation by both the actor and actress, were taken out of context and labeled “pornography” by many tabloids, newswires, and even mainstream newspaper.

It thus drew a barrage of harsh criticism and condemnation from readers and netizens who, in most cases, had only watched the mentioned scenes instead of the whole film.

In fact, Trung uploaded his end-of-term assignment on Youtube 8 months ago, but after recently receiving a sudden surge of rude and impolite comments after the clip started to spread fast, he had to delete the video.

After a school meeting held on Monday morning the faculty of the Ho Chi Minh University of Theatre and Cinema, where Trung studied, concluded that there was nothing wrong with the film’s subject and content.

“However, this is a sensitive topic, thus it is really challenging for inexperienced filmmakers to handle it,” a school spokesperson said.

In addition, it will send an official warning to Trung, as he had broken the school’s rule of not allowing students to leak their assignments and schoolwork on social media sites without its consent.

“It is required that students have to be permitted by the school’s management to release their works to the media to avoid any cases of copyright infringement.”

Trung said in an interview with newswire iOne that although his film did not receive high scores from his teachers, its script was authorized by his academic advisor and a judging committee.

“I know not everybody can fully understand its meaning.

I made this film not only for the assignment but also to express my own language of cinematic images and hope to find those who feel or think the same way.

“I think it is unreasonable that people call my work pornography, since there is much more that is worth thinking about in the film,” Trung said, adding that he only regretted posting the video on Youtube because it had caused so many unnecessary problems.

Veteran film director Nguyen Tuong Phuong said Trung presented a creative and daring message in “Two Bedrooms,” yet the work was not perfect.

“Young filmmakers like Trung should take it slow and be ready and open to any type of feedback, positive or not, to prepare for their future career.”

 Source: Tuoi Tre Online


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