Uniquely Vietnamese: Bike around the city for a job

With two cardboards saying:

“I need a job.

I have a finance degree and other certificates etc.

Please contact:..”

placed on the bicycle’s basket and its saddle

22-year-old graduate Huynh Ngoc Thanh of Ho Chi Minh University of Finance and Marketing has for days ridden his bicycle across the city, hoping to catch some employer’s attention and a job offer.

Graduating in July 2011, Thanh has applied for many finance jobs but yet to land the one he wants.

“I met some job brokers too and paid them VND 100,000 but there was no news after I paid the fee.

I did some interviews too but the companies did not call me after that.”

Wiping sweats on his forehead, Thanh said he couldn’t passively wait for job offers to come any more as he had bills to pay.

“I chose this self-marketing way to promote myself and hope some employers will pay attention,” Thanh explained.

Finding no other way to get a job, the finance graduate finally decided to give this bike-riding idea a try after some thought “although it was really embarrassing and hard at first.”

Pondering over what vehicle is best for his purpose, he went for the bicycle as “it is easier to control your speed and more economical.

Plus a bicycle will get more attention, and those who are interested can easily read my information and contact numbers.”

Having a file of copied degrees and certificates ready to give out, Thanh said if he were not confident in his ability, he would not have chosen this last resort.

With a retired 70-year-old mother at home, he only wished he could work to support himself and his family.

Source: Sài Gòn Tiếp thị


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