Ripping off tourists: Where are the business ethics?

Ripping off tourists in restaurants in Vung Tau or Ha Long is not only an act that damages the image potential tourist destinations, but also raises a question:

Have business ethics been degraded?

The fact that tourists are getting scammed during their trips is no longer something new.

Hawkers asking tourists with insistence, forcing them to buy goods at high prices and even mugging them can be spotted every day in many different places.

In an era where money talks, are business ethics losing their value?

Talking to vendors at tourist destinations, I found their way of thinking very shallow.

They perceive tourists as rich people who visit these places once for a while and it is okay to overcharge them “a little”.

This is probably also the perception of some owners at restaurants recently featured by local newspapers.

Obviously, they only see the instant gain rather than potential benefits in long term.

Many travelers have raised their voices, complained on websites about being ripped off and vowed that they would never come back or that they would be more careful purchasing anything there.

In the age of the internet, these boycott messages are spread quickly. Restaurants will lose customers and more seriously, the country may become less attractive in the eyes of foreign tourists.

The Vietnamese style of doing business has placed an importance on ethics for a long time.

Business people use their words and credit to make customers feel secure in choosing products or services.

The real revenue is the increasing number of customers, rather than the illegal gain from ripping off a few who will never return.

I hope those who are robbing customers rather than doing real business will think twice.

Don’t just concentrate on gaining instant money at the cost of losing the long term benefits and affecting the country’s friendly image for foreign travelers.


Source: Tuoi Tre Online


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