Savour a taste of Hoi An in Singapore

COME experience a taste of Hoi An as The Garden plays host to guest chef, Ms Trinh Diem Vy from 8 to 12 Februrary 2012.

After opening three restaurants, a bakery and patisserie, and a popular cookery school, Ms Vy is a recognised authority and go-to girl for exquisite Vietnamese cuisine.

On a recent holiday toVietnam, Executive Chef at The Sentosa, Ryan Sonson attended Ms Vy’s master cooking class at Morning Glory in Hoi An.

He was so impressed with Ms Vy’s recipes, and the essence and philosophy that Vietnamese cooking demands, that he invited her to do a stint at The Garden Says Ryan:

“Vy is an ardent proponent of authentic flavour sources and her cooking showcases a delicate balance of textures and tastes that are also fresh,  favourful and attractive.

This mantra of hers gels perfectly with the “conscious dining” concept we have at The Garden where we encourage diners to maintain a healthy relationship with food by infusing gourmet dining with the right balance of nutritious and health-giving benefits.

At The Garden, only high quality nutritious ingredients and cooking methods which retain each ingredient’s nutrition and natural flavours are used.”

A third generation chef in her family, Ms Vy is a native of Hoi An and grew up in and around her parents and grandparents restaurant and noodle shop.

She started the first restaurant to cater to foreigners visiting Hoi An, creating menus comprising family recipes, street foods and local specialties so that visitors could experience Vietnamese cuisine in comfort.

From such modest beginnings, Ms Vy now owns Cargo, Mermaid and Morning Glory; all internationally-renowed restaurants in Hoi An and a chic boutique hotel called the Cua Dai.

Cargo is also recognised as the best bakery and patisserie inVietnamand Morning Glory is Hoi An’s first cooking school – a popular destination for cooking enthusiasts with varying skill levels from all over the world.

Ms Vy’s cooking classes have been recognised by the Lonely Planet Guide Book as one of the best in Vietnam.

She has appeared in international television cookery programmes including one with renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay on his  gastronomic tour of Vietnam.

In 2011, she published her own cookbook “TasteVietnam, The Morning Glory Cookbook”, which has since gone on to become a leading guide to Vietnamese cooking.

She has also been invited to represent Vietnam at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in March 2012 where she has sold out her cooking classes!

In April 2012, Vy will be opening a new cooking school in Hoi An which will be a full-fledged culinary institution.

“I look forward to my stint at The Garden where I will share the art of Vietnamese cooking which always focuses on the intricate balance between “yin and yang” in the use of textures and flavours.

I will present dishes and share recipes which showcase contrasting combinations such as sour with sweet, crunchy with chewy, fresh with fried; yet all blending in perfect harmony!” says Ms Vy.

 Source: The Garden Restaurant


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