Vietnamese CEO Debuts Music Album

‘Rains Of Impermanence’ penned by Trần Trọng Quốc Khanh (a.k.a. Mộc Quốc Khanh), CEO of ACB Gold Exchange Center  has been released in the city.

ACB Gold Exchange Center is an gold trading arm of Vietnamese prestigious Asian Commercial Bank

The album was a brainwave of Khanh’s a decade ago when he saw a sudden rainstorm in the sunlight whilst working in the office.

Vol.1 ‘Rains Of Impermanence’ presents Hope and Will of Humanity.

The album has eight songs:

 Đuốc hoa rực hồng 

(Candles in the Wedding)

Một lá thư nhạc

(Unsent Music Letter)

Dưới ánh sáng mặt trời

(Under the sunlight)

Trở lại mùa xuân

(The return of spring)

Dạ vũ vướng chân em

(Dancing in the night)

Anh vẫn hát bên kia cuộc đời

(Singing the other life)

Những cơn mưa vô thường

(Rains Of Impermanence)


Bước sang kỷ nguyên mới

(Step into the New Millenium)

The songs are performed in Vietnamese language by renowned female singers:

Mỹ Lệ

Hồng Ngọc

Đoan Trang

Như  Ý

Song Giang

Thái Trân


Trần Vũ Hà My

Khanh started composing music since his university days.

“Music is not just a passion but also a holistic way to balance my life and a stressful career in gold business”, said the CEO.

He revealed that the music album was also a special gift to his seven-year-old daughter, Mộc Khuyên.

A token of love from the 42-year-old father.

As Vietnamese veteran musical critic and conductor Nguyễn Bách put it:

“The songs are sweet and sound throughout the album.

Pure and harmonious melodies make us feel as if the sound of rain are accidental but constant.”

The music album is released by Phương Nam Film and available at major bookstores in Hochiminh City.

 Source: The SaigonTimes


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