Introduction to Vietnamese Language and Culture



Vietnam is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with many thriving opportunities which continue to lure entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.

In this three-hour workshop, participants will have an insight of Vietnam’s language and culture with practical tips on how to acquire the language wisely and communicate effectively with the Vietnamese.

They will be updated on latest socio-economic and political and developments in Vietnam for further employment or business opportunities.

Workshop Outline:

Part I:                        

Fundamental Insights

1. Fundamentals on Culture

2. Vietnam’s History and Geography

3. Political and Administrative System

4. Economic System

5. Education System

6. Religions

7. Traditions and Customs

Part II:                       

Practical Insights

1. Fundamentals of Language Acquisition

2. Introduction to Vietnamese Language

3. Vietnamese Alphabet

4. Guide to Pronunciation and Tones

5. Pronunciation and Tone Practice

6. How to acquire Vietnamese wisely

7. How to communicate with Vietnamese effectively

Part III:                     

Q & A

About the Trainer:

Mr. Le Huu Huy is a native of Saigon and was educated in Vietnam, Australia and Singapore.

He has been a Vietnam-specialised translator/interpreter/speaker/trainer at several prestigious institutions in Singapore which include the Centre for Language Studies at National University of Singapore, ASEAN-accredited Regional Language Centre (RELC), ACS (International) Singapore, etc.

His clientele include Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Singapore Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, IE Singapore, Canadian High Commission, Temasek Holdings and other public and private institutions in Singapore and the region.

Mr. Le holds a Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore; a Bachelor of Arts in French Language from the University of Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

He is proficient in Vietnamese, English and French and conversant in Mandarin, Malay and Thai. 

Other details:


$88 per participant 


6.45pm – 9.45pm




Blk 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, Connection One #04-14 Tower 4 Singapore 150167

For more information, please contact Vietnam Language Centre Tel: 63891677 (O), 9062 5169 (Mobile) or email us at


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