“Gỏi bưởi”, taste of fall

The fall is coming and brings the chill over the old city of Hanoi.

As one of the specialties of autumn, ripe pomelo which can made into many tasty dishes to make this time of year sweeter and scented.

If the southern people drink pomelo juice, the northern folks make it a salad that they call “gỏi bưởi” (pomelo salad).

The sweet and sour pomelo is mixed with the fragrance of fried onion and the sweetness of meat and shrimp.

Gỏi bưởi is easy to be found in fast food areas in some restaurants in Hanoi.

However, there is no need for that as everyone can make the dish with their own favorite taste and cuisine.

The basic recipe of this salad is rather simple with ingredients including pomelo cells, potato sauce, chicken, shrimp, coconut juice, fried peanuts, chili sauce and main spices such as salt, lemon and sugar.

Firstly, we choose large pieces of fruit then peel them off and keep pomelo cells together.

Then we blend them with steamed chicken which has been tore into small pieces and steamed shrimp which has been peeled and put the main spices together.

Next, we make the sauce by boiling the coconut extract and squeeze lemon juice on it with sugar, chili and salt and minced shrimp.

After that, pour the sauce into the pomelo mix.

The dish should be served with fried peanut, cucumber and aromatic vegetables.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ Online

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